David De Gea received offers from lower-tier Premier League clubs and contemplated retirement after leaving Manchester United

Introduction to the article:
The future of Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea has been the subject of much speculation since his departure from Manchester United. Reports have emerged suggesting that he has received offers from various Premier League clubs and has even considered retirement. This article delves into the details of De Gea’s uncertain future in professional football.

The Search for a New Club

Since leaving Manchester United, De Gea has been unable to secure a new club, despite his impressive record of winning the Premier League Golden Glove last season. While he has been linked with several teams, including Newcastle, no agreement has been reached. The report from The Athletic reveals that he has received offers from both top and bottom-half Premier League clubs, but has been reluctant to make a decision.

Consideration of Retirement

The uncertainty surrounding De Gea’s future has led to speculation that he has considered retirement. The intense pressure and scrutiny that comes with professional football have caused him to enjoy his time away from the game, engaging in hobbies such as padel and running his own esports team. The potential decision to retire adds another layer of complexity to his current situation.

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