Everton ace stays by partner’s hospital bedside after she undergoes urgent open surgery and loses an organ or two

Introduction to this article:
This article discusses how Everton star Dwight McNeil has been supporting his partner, Megan Sharpley, as she battles health issues. Megan underwent urgent open surgery and lost an organ, prompting an emotional Instagram post from her. Despite this, McNeil has been by her side throughout, providing the care and support she needs. The article also mentions how Everton has continued to play during this difficult time for McNeil.

McNeil’s Support for Megan

Megan Sharpley revealed in an emotional Instagram post that she has recently undergone urgent open surgery and lost an organ. Throughout this difficult time, her partner Dwight McNeil has been a constant source of support. From holding her hand during bad news to providing care and assistance, McNeil has been by her side every step of the way.

Megan’s Emotional Posts

In her Instagram posts, Megan Sharpley expressed her gratitude for McNeil’s unwavering support and love. She also shared her own determination to overcome this health battle and look forward to a brighter future. McNeil also replied to her posts with messages of love and support, showcasing their strong bond.

Everton’s Schedule and McNeil’s Performance

Despite Megan’s health battle, McNeil has continued to play for Everton during their hectic festive schedule. He has been in action for the team in various matches, including a game against Tottenham and a home loss to Manchester City. His dedication to both his partner and his professional commitments is commendable.

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