Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus legend, admits he turned down a £100million Premier League transfer despite being close to the move

Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci turned down the opportunity to join Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, despite the club offering almost £100 million to Juventus to secure his services. In his reflections, Bonucci also shares his admiration for the player who was signed in his place, John Stones.

Guardiola’s Offer

In 2016, Manchester City made a substantial offer to Juventus for Bonucci, but the player decided to stay with the club despite the lure of being managed by Guardiola.

Praise for John Stones

Instead of Bonucci, City signed John Stones, and the Italian defender is full of praise for Stones’ abilities, calling him a leader, intelligent, and a technical player despite his occasional mistakes.

Bonucci’s New Challenge

After leaving Juventus, Bonucci now plays for Union Berlin and faces a new challenge in the Bundesliga as the team looks to avoid relegation.

By turning down the opportunity at Manchester City, Bonucci’s career took a different path, but he remains content with the trophies he has won and his individual achievements.

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