Former financial advisor of Joan Laporta accuses the president of Barcelona of managing a €700m operating deficit

The former financial advisor to Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta, Marc Ciria i Roig, has raised concerns about the club’s worsening financial situation under Laporta’s leadership. He accuses Laporta of mortgaging Barcelona’s future in order to sign players and points out potential issues with the club’s current financial strategy.

“Mortgaging Barcelona’s Future”

Ciria has criticized Laporta for managing Barcelona’s finances in a way that he believes is unsustainable. He uses a metaphor about selling a house to cover emergencies to illustrate his point, and he accuses Laporta of not effectively managing the club’s assets.

“No Financial Fair Play”

The former financial advisor claims that Barcelona has not been able to maintain financial fair play, despite Laporta’s promises that the club will be able to sign players without restrictions in the future. He suggests possible solutions such as selling players or involving investors, but remains skeptical about the club’s financial stability.

“Unlikely Financial Recovery”

Ciria believes that Barcelona will continue to face financial challenges in the future, as the club has not been able to reduce the difference between its income and expenses. He highlights the club’s operating deficit and the failure to make significant progress in improving the financial situation.

“Financial Accountability”

The criticism of Laporta’s financial management includes the lack of accountability for his decisions. While previous president Bartomeu was also criticized for his handling of the club’s finances, Ciria believes that Barcelona remains in a similar situation, despite Laporta’s promises for improvement. He points out that big-money signings have not all lived up to expectations on the pitch, adding to the scrutiny of Laporta’s financial decisions.

In conclusion, the concerns raised by Marc Ciria i Roig shed light on the ongoing financial challenges facing Barcelona under Joan Laporta’s leadership. The club’s financial stability and decision-making will continue to be closely scrutinized as they navigate their financial conundrum.

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