Takefusa Kubo, Real Sociedad’s standout, calls for better protection from La Liga referees

Introduction to the Article
Real Sociedad’s Takefusa Kubo expressed his frustration after a 1-1 draw with Alaves, criticizing the treatment he has been receiving from referees and opposition players throughout the season.

Kubo Frustrated with Referees and Opposition

Following a draw with Alaves and a red card for his teammate, Kubo aired his frustration with the treatment he has been receiving on the pitch. He expressed his annoyance at having to leave Real Sociedad to play in the Asian Cup with Japan and called for more protection from referees and opposition players.

Kubo Seeks Referee Protection

Kubo believes that La Liga referees need to take a tougher stance against physical play, not only for himself but for all players who try to make things happen on the pitch. He called for better protection, emphasizing the need for referees and opposition players to ensure the safety of players who attempt to play creatively.

Kubo’s Impact and Treatment

As one of the most effective and dynamic players in La Liga, Kubo is frequently targeted by opposition players. He ranks highly in various statistical categories, highlighting his impact on the game, but also the physical attention he receives from opponents. In 18 appearances, he has been fouled 37 times, underscoring the level of attention and physical treatment he faces on the pitch.

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