Burglars attempted to break into Jack Grealish’s mansion a month before £1m attack, but fled out of fear

Introduction to the article:
The article reveals that burglars responsible for the £1million raid on Jack Grealish’s mansion were scared off by police a month earlier. It also provides details about the burglary and the ongoing police investigation.

Burglars Scared Off

The gang got spooked when a police car drove past as they prepared to break in.

The Initial Attempt

They first targeted the Man City midfield ace’s £5.6million mansion while he played against RB Leipzig on November 28 in the Champions League. But they did not know Grealish and his girlfriend were yet to move in.

The Actual Burglary

They returned on December 27, grabbing watches and gems worth £1million while Jack played in City’s 3-1 win at Everton. Sasha and members of Jack’s family were in at the time and raised the alarm but the gang escaped after less than three minutes.

Underworld Source

According to an underworld source, the burglary was carried out with the approval of a Salford gang and the stolen items will be sold in Spain. They also mentioned the burglars’ tactics and their reluctance to harm anyone during the break-ins.

Police Investigation

The article also mentions that the police are probing whether the raid was an inside job linked to other targeted football stars, as well as looking into patterns of tradesmen or companies working at the burgled properties. The Cheshire Police have confirmed that no arrests have been made at this time and that enquiries are ongoing.

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