Jose Mourinho announces upcoming Netflix documentary and explains why fans will see him as a ‘complete idiot’

Introduction to the Article

In this article, Jose Mourinho reveals that a new Netflix documentary about his career is set to be released. Despite the accolades and successes he has achieved throughout his career, Mourinho admits that there will be moments in the documentary that will make viewers think he is a “total idiot.”

Mourinho’s decorated career

Mourinho, who is 60 years old, is one of the most decorated managers in football. With an impressive track record that includes two Champions League titles, three Premier League titles, an FA Cup, two Serie A titles, and a La Liga title, Mourinho has become a household name in the football world.

A look beyond the dugout

Now, fans will have the opportunity to gain insight into Mourinho’s personal life beyond the football pitch through the new Netflix documentary. This will provide viewers with a closer look at the man behind the manager and offer a more intimate perspective on his career and experiences.

Confessions and revelations

Following Roma’s 2-1 Copa Italia win over Cremonese, Mourinho broke the news about his upcoming documentary. He confessed that there will be moments in the series where viewers will question his actions and behaviors, leaving many to perceive him as an “idiot.” Despite this, the documentary promises to shed light on aspects of Mourinho’s career that have not been previously known to the public.

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