Mason Greenwood’s red card overturned after controversial Federation statement – ‘One, two, three, four, f***’

Introduction to Article:
The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has made the decision to rescind the red card given to Mason Greenwood of Getafe, after realizing that the referee had made a mistake in his assessment of the situation.

A Wrongful Assumption

The incident occurred when Greenwood was fouled during a match against Rayo Vallecano, and after an appeal by Getafe using video evidence, it was demonstrated that Greenwood had not directed an expletive at the referee. Rather, he had used it in frustration after being fouled.

Admission of Error

The RFEF has admitted their mistake and released a statement acknowledging that the referee’s assessment of the situation was incorrect. They have decided to wipe out any suspension for Greenwood, admitting that they do not want to re-referee matches.

Player and Manager Protest

Getafe’s manager, Jose Bordalas, defended Greenwood by noting that he did not speak Spanish and was not attempting to insult anyone. Additionally, player Juan Iglesias even offered to buy dinner for anyone who could find a video of Greenwood insulting the referee.

Relief for Getafe

The decision to rescind the red card will come as a relief for Getafe’s manager, especially since the team is already missing players due to suspension. This decision will allow Greenwood to continue playing without any suspension.

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