Barcelona’s Deco credited with Vitor Roque signing, causing questions about club’s statutes

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the recent signing of Vitor Roque by Barcelona and the role that the club’s Sporting Director, Deco, played in the acquisition.

Roque’s Dream Come True

Barcelona Vice-President Rafa Yuste expressed his delight at Roque’s signing and emphasized the Brazilian’s importance to the team, noting the tradition of great Brazilian players who have represented the club.

Deco’s Influence

Yuste credited Deco for Roque’s arrival, highlighting Deco’s skills in handling negotiations and finding international talent. This raises questions about Deco’s role and involvement in the signing, given the timing of the deal and Deco’s official position at the club.

Deco’s Position and Timeline

The article delves into the timeline of Deco’s role at Barcelona, pointing out potential conflicts of interest due to his prior work as an agent. There is a lack of clarity regarding when Deco started working for the club and whether he influenced Roque’s signing while still serving as an agent.

Deco’s Influence and Clarity

The lack of transparency in Deco’s role and the events leading to Roque’s signing are highlighted. The article points out the uncertainty surrounding Deco’s influence in the acquisition and the need for clarity in understanding his involvement in the transfer.

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