Newcastle assistant boss Jason Tindall praised for ‘next level tactics’ after stunt on pitch following Sunderland win

Introduction to the Article
The article discusses the victory of Newcastle over Sunderland in the Tyne-Wear derby, with a focus on the role of assistant manager Jason Tindall in orchestrating a post-game team photo. Fans have lauded Tindall’s actions as “next level s***housery,” highlighting the significance of this event in the context of the team’s performance and reputation.

Fans Realize Tindall’s Influence

Newcastle’s 3-0 victory over Sunderland was marked by an own goal from Daniel Ballard and a brace by Alexander Isak. The post-game team photo, which has become a signature of the team under Eddie Howe, was revealed to be Tindall’s idea. Fans recognized his influence in organizing the players for the photo opportunity, which added to the celebratory atmosphere of the win.

Tindall’s Infamy Among Fans

Tindall’s actions have solidified his reputation among fans, who view him as someone who loves to be the center of attention following significant victories. The assistant manager’s role in instigating the team photo has been met with approval and admiration, with supporters praising his “s***housery” as “glorious” and “utter class.” His involvement in this event further cements his status within the Newcastle fanbase.

Fan Reactions on X

In response to Tindall’s actions, fans took to social media to express their appreciation for the assistant manager. Many fans were quick to commend Tindall for his role in organizing the team photo, with some even humorously suggesting that he deserves recognition for “services to s*housery.” The overwhelming support and praise from fans highlight Tindall’s impact on the team and the way in which his actions resonate with supporters.

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