I scored the winning goal in a classic FA Cup final wearing old boots, because my superstitious boss wouldn’t let me wear new ones

In this article, Liverpool legend Michael Owen recalls being banned from wearing new boots during the 2001 FA Cup final. The French manager, Gerard Houllier, insisted that Owen wear a specific pair of boots for luck. Despite being dominated by Arsenal for much of the final, Owen managed to equalize in the 83rd minute and score the game-winning goal with just seconds to play. Liverpool went on to win the FA Cup as part of a historic season in which they also won the League Cup and UEFA Cup.

The Boot Dilemma

Owen explains that he had a contract with Umbro to wear their new boots for the following season, but Houllier’s superstitions didn’t allow him to wear them in the final. The striker reflects on the tension between his personal sponsorship agreement and the manager’s determination to stick with what was working.

Owen’s Heroics

Despite Arsenal’s dominance and a 1-0 lead, Owen managed to turn the game around with his two crucial goals. He reflects on the mindset he had during the final minutes of the match and the confidence he felt that Liverpool was going to win, even before scoring the equalizer.

Liverpool’s Historic Season

The article concludes by mentioning that the FA Cup was part of a triumphant season for Liverpool, in which they also won the League Cup and UEFA Cup. The 2001 season is celebrated as an iconic moment in Liverpool’s storied history.

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