Live Results: Man City Dominating Huddersfield in FA Cup Third Round, Blackpool Surprising Nottingham Forest

Introduction to this article:

The article provides an update on the team news for the 2pm kick-offs, presenting the formations and line-ups for each of the matches. It offers valuable insights into the starting players and tactical set-ups for the respective teams.

Man City vs. Huddersfield

The line-ups for Man City and Huddersfield are presented, showing the formations and starting players for the match.

Nott’m Forest vs. Blackpool

The article provides the line-ups for Nott’m Forest and Blackpool, highlighting the players in each team’s formation for the game.

Luton vs. Bolton

An insight into the line-ups for Luton and Bolton is given, detailing the formations and starting players for the upcoming match.

Peterborough vs. Leeds

The article presents the line-ups for Peterborough and Leeds, showcasing the formations and starting players for the game.

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