Supporters believe Arsenal took football from Leicester for Liverpool FA Cup match, demand return of ball

Introduction to the article:

This article discusses the speculation and theories surrounding the disappearance of an FA Cup football from Leicester City during the recent match between Arsenal and Liverpool. Football fans are convinced that Arsenal may have stolen the football from Leicester, and one disgruntled Leicester supporter jokingly pleaded with the Gunners to return their property.

The Missing Football

During the recent match between Arsenal and Liverpool, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed Arsenal right-back Ben White taking a throw-in with the yellow FA Cup Mitre ball. What caught their attention was the fact that the ball appeared to have the initials “LCFC” written on it twice in black ink, sparking confusion and questioning from the fans.

Speculations and Theories

The mysterious disappearance of Leicester City’s football led to a series of speculations and theories from supporters. Some suggested that Arsenal might have taken the ball from another team during a previous match, while others theorized that the referee, who hails from Leicestershire, could be responsible for the ball’s journey to Arsenal.

The Aftermath

As the discussions and theories continued, it was clear that the missing football had sparked humor and witty comments from fans. However, with Arsenal’s loss to Liverpool, it is possible that the ball could be returned to Leicester City, as both teams were eliminated from the FA Cup, and Liverpool booked their spot in the next round.

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