VIDEO: Pressure mounts on Barcelona star Joao Felix as he loses temper with teammates multiple times

Introduction to this article

The article discusses the recent struggles of Joao Felix at Barcelona, highlighting his decline in performance and the frustration he has been displaying on the field. The author delves into the impact of his diminishing form on the team and the potential repercussions for his place in the squad.

Joao Felix’s Declining Performances

Felix’s performances at Barcelona have been underwhelming, with his standout games becoming a distant memory. The article points out his frustrations on the field, such as losing his place to a teammate and arguing with others during matches. This behavior has raised concerns about his mindset and ability to contribute effectively to the team.

Manager’s Criticism and Loss of Patience

Xavi Hernandez, the Barcelona manager, has criticized the team for making mistakes, hinting at the negative impact of Felix’s errors on the squad. The article suggests that Hernandez might be losing patience with Felix, given his inconsistency and inability to perform at a high level consistently. This raises questions about Felix’s future at the club and the manager’s willingness to persist with him.

Implications for Barcelona and Joao Felix

The author points out that although Felix has the potential to offer Barcelona a different dimension and serve as a creative force, his lack of consistency is becoming a threat to his position in the team. The article emphasizes the need for Felix to regain his form and focus to avoid further scrutiny and potential exclusion from the squad.

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