Bath’s Alfie Barbeary leaves fans in stitches after vomiting on pitch at end of game

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses the reaction of rugby fans to a video showing Bath star Alfie Barbeary vomiting on the pitch after a match against Gloucester.

Barbeary’s Unfortunate Aftermath

After playing in Bath’s win over Gloucester, Alfie Barbeary was seen looking unwell and eventually vomiting on the pitch.

Humorous Fan Reactions

Some fans reacted with light-hearted humor to the sight, joking that Barbeary must be “sick of winning” or that he had “overdone the scrumpy at lunchtime.”

Barbeary’s Performance and Future with Bath

The article also highlights Barbeary’s recent statistics and his long-term deal with Bath, as well as the team’s overall performance in the season.

By analyzing the article and breaking it down into sections, we can better understand the content and its main points.

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