Critics slam Man Utd’s ‘bizarre’ Marcus Rashford tactic as fans question its logic, with McCoist adding to the backlash

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses the criticism of a “bizarre” tactic used by Manchester United, which seems to have wasted Marcus Rashford and puzzled even expert commentator Ally McCoist.

Rashford’s Unorthodox Position

During the FA Cup third round match against Wigan, Marcus Rashford took up an unusual position at corners, leaving fans and experts perplexed. Instead of getting into the box to be ready for a scoring opportunity, Rashford stood behind the pitch, approximately ten yards away from the ball. This tactic left many dumbfounded and disappointed, including the expert commentator McCoist.

Fans’ Reactions

The fans were equally disgruntled, as many took to social media to express their confusion and frustration over the wasted potential of Rashford. They questioned the decision to have him stand off the pitch next to the taker during corner kicks, calling it a bizarre and nonsensical approach. Despite this, fans were pleased with Rashford’s overall performance during the game.

Future Prospects

As Manchester United advanced to the fourth round, the article concludes by mentioning the upcoming matches and potential opponents for the team. This suggests that, despite the criticism, there is still hope for an improved performance and strategic approach in the next round.

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