Jude Bellingham trolls Kate Abdo and Jamie Carragher after they name incredible Team of the Year

Introduction to the article
The article discusses how Jude Bellingham playfully trolled Jamie Carragher and Kate Abdo over their Team of the Year selections during a CBS Sports segment. Bellingham, along with Micah Richards and Alex Scott, critiqued and made their own selections for a dream XI based on performances across 2023.

Jude Bellingham’s Response to Team Selections

Jude Bellingham got his revenge on Jamie Carragher by humorously criticizing the front three selections made by Carragher and Abdo. He pointed out a lack of pace and energy in their choices, which Carragher playfully responded to by suggesting a race with Mbappe.

Carragher and Abdo’s Team of the Year Selections

Carragher and Abdo’s Team of the Year selections included players like Messi, Kane, and Mbappe in their front three, with Declan Rice also being chosen by Carragher for the midfield position.

Richards and Scott’s Team of the Year Selections

On the other hand, Richards and Scott picked Alisson, van Dijk, Di Lorenzo, and other players for their dream XI, leaving Bellingham available to be selected for their team.

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