Spain to extend contract of national team manager for 2026 World Cup

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses the performance and future of Spain’s national football team manager, Luis de la Fuente. Despite starting off with a low profile, he has faced several challenges and is now set to be given a new contract. The article analyzes his journey and the potential extension of his contract.

A rocky start

Luis de la Fuente faced criticism early in his tenure after a significant loss to Scotland. This was a difficult situation for a manager who lacked experience at the top level of club football. However, a Nations League victory over Croatia helped restore some confidence in him.

Overcoming controversy

Despite facing calls to resign after applauding a sexist speech made by former President Luis Rubiales, de la Fuente has managed to drift out of the scandal without condemning Rubiales. This situation, combined with Spain’s success in topping their Euro qualification group, has won the faith of media and the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Contract extension

The Royal Spanish Football Federation is reportedly planning to offer Luis de la Fuente a two-year contract extension, taking his deal past Euro 2024 and into the 2026 World Cup. The new deal is expected to be announced before Spain’s friendlies in March.

A tricky situation

The article points out the potential challenges and benefits of offering de la Fuente a longer contract before the Euros. It highlights the uncertainty surrounding Spain’s future if he were to enter the tournament without a longer contract, as well as the potential consequences of a poor performance leading to calls for his dismissal.

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