Local journalist explains why Saudi Arabian fans booed Franz Beckenbauer’s death

The move to take the Spanish Supercup to Saudi Arabia has been controversial in Spain since its inception, but there was general outrage online during Real Madrid’s 5-3 win over Atletico Madrid in the semi-final. Ahead of the match, Germany and Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer was honoured with a minute’s silence (although it did in fact include a soundtrack), which was met with whistles and boos.Much to the confusion of the Atletico and Real Madrid players and staff, whose shock was visible during the close-up shots on camera. Needless to say, booing Beckenbauer’s death did not go down well.

The Cultural Issue

Cadena SER spoke to a local unnamed journalist after the match in an effort to establish why it had happened, and they claimed it was nothing to do with Beckenbauer himself.“It has nothing to do with Beckenbauer, but with a more cultural issue. It is a custom or tradition in Saudi Arabia. It is frowned upon to have a minute of silence here,” they said, noting it was the first time it had happened in Al Hilal’s Al Awwal Park Stadium.Perhaps the organisers should have implemented a different tribute in order to take that into account, but regardless of the reason, it does not stop the booing from coming across to the majority of the football world as highly disrespectful and lacking in class.

Toni Kroos’ Treatment

Toni Kroos was also booed every time he touched the ball, but his treatment was more to do with comments that he had made about Saudi Arabia, observing the lack of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

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