Manchester United player Marcus Rashford receives £60 parking ticket on his McLaren after having lunch with teammate

Introduction to this article

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s 26-year-old forward, recently received a surprise after meeting a team-mate for lunch. While struggling for form on the pitch, his bad luck seems to be following him off it as well.

Rashford’s Unfortunate Parking Mishap

After a lunch meeting with Manchester United player Tyrell Malacia at the Juniper Restaurant, Marcus Rashford discovered a parking ticket on his windscreen. It turns out that he had left his McLaren 765 Long Tail sports car parked on double yellow lines outside the establishment, resulting in a £60 parking fine just 15 minutes later.

Not the First Offence in Manchester

Rashford is not the first football star in Manchester to fall foul of parking regulations. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and his players have also faced similar issues. Fotballer Jack Grealish and his girlfriend Sasha Attwood, as well as England team-mate Kalvin Phillips, have also been caught out on double yellow lines, proving that this is a common occurrence among the city’s footballing elite.

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