Saudi Fans Express Love for Lionel Messi during Barcelona Match, Despite Ronaldo’s Presence

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses a clip that has emerged of Saudi Arabia fans chanting Lionel Messi’s name during Barcelona’s victory, despite Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Al-Nassr. The Portuguese legend moved to the Middle East 12 months ago and has since enjoyed success. However, some supporters seem to be more impressed with Messi, as evidenced by the chanting during Barcelona’s recent game in Riyadh.

Ronaldo’s Move to the Middle East

Ronaldo’s move to the Middle East a year ago marked the start of several significant transfers in the Saudi Pro League. Despite enjoying some success in the region, there are still some fans who are not entirely impressed with his performance.

Messi Chanting Over Ronaldo

The article highlights how during the recent match between Barcelona and Osasuna, a clip has surfaced showing the Saudi fans breaking into a Messi chant, showing more appreciation for the Barcelona star than for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo and Messi Rivalry

The article also delves into the long-standing rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi, who have been competing for the title of the planet’s best player for over a decade. This rivalry has captivated fans and has even led to their upcoming face off on the pitch in the Middle East.

The Last Dance – A Final Showdown

The article concludes with the announcement of an upcoming friendly match between Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr and Messi’s Inter Miami, billed as ‘The Last Dance’. This final showdown promises to be a momentous event in the history of football.

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