Gary Lineker unveils a cryptic ongoing conflict with Jose Mourinho and expresses concern over football’s toll on him over time

Gary Lineker’s Mysterious Feud with Jose Mourinho

In a recent interview, Gary Lineker opened up about a mysterious rift that developed between him and former Manchester United and Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho. The two had initially hit it off and maintained a good relationship, with Mourinho even texting Lineker frequently. However, something changed, and the reason behind the feud remains a mystery to Lineker. This article delves into the details of their relationship and attempts to unravel the cause of their falling out.

The Initial Relationship

Lineker recalled the early days of his relationship with Mourinho, describing the former football manager as engaging and witty. They had a close rapport, and Lineker even worked on a documentary with Mourinho, who would text him regularly. However, Lineker noted that their relationship took a turn for the worse, leaving him clueless about what caused the change.

The GQ Awards Incident

The turning point in Lineker and Mourinho’s relationship seemed to be an incident at the GQ Awards. Lineker was originally set to present Mourinho with an award, but days before the event, organizers informed Lineker that Mourinho did not want him to present the trophy. Lineker attended the event anyway, but Mourinho appeared to give him the cold shoulder, sparking further confusion about the source of the feud.

Mourinho’s Cold Shoulder

Even after the GQ Awards incident, Lineker remained perplexed as to why Mourinho was treating him with apparent disdain. Mourinho blanked Lineker at events and even went as far as texting Manchester United’s CEO to question why he was speaking with Lineker. The confusion only deepened, leaving Lineker with no clear understanding of what led to Mourinho’s change in attitude towards him.

Mourinho’s Recent Behavior

The article concludes by highlighting Mourinho’s recent actions at Roma, where he has displayed a noticeable return to his fiery temperament. His on-field behavior and interactions with others have raised questions about the root of his feud with Lineker and shed light on the ongoing mystery surrounding their strained relationship.

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