Former Spain Coach’s Creepy Before Bed Habit Exposed by Spanish Star Jenni Hermoso

The fallout from Luis Rubiales’ infamous World Cup kiss continues, as a court case rumbles on in the background. Jenni Hermoso, the victim of the non-consented kiss has revealed a rather weird tendency of one of Rubiales’ closest allies and former Spain coach Jorge Vilda.

The Allegations Against Jorge Vilda

During a fresh interview with TVE, Hermoso explained some of treatment from Vilda that players had previously complained about with Vilda. She mentioned that they had to leave the door open at night and wait for him to come by to talk to them personally.

Impression of Non-Sporting Benefits

Hermoso also revealed that she was under the impression that she would have received ‘non-sporting benefits’ if she had come out in support of Rubiales after the kiss, shedding light on the potential pressure that she may have felt to keep silent.

Vilda’s Subsequent Dismissal

Vilda was subsequently sacked by the RFEF after Rubiales resigned, and has taken over the Moroccan women’s national team. Montse Tome, his assistant, has taken over the reins at La Roja.

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