What is the reason for Arsenal’s absence from this weekend’s Premier League fixtures?

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses Arsenal’s recent run of bad form in the Premier League and their upcoming break from games following their exit from the FA Cup.

Arsenal’s Recent Form

Arsenal has been struggling with a dip in form, having won just once in their last seven games. The team will need to put things right soon if they want to remain competitive in the league.

Why are Arsenal not playing this weekend?

Following their exit from the FA Cup, Arsenal’s next fixture is not until next weekend. The team’s last Premier League game took place on New Year’s Eve, and they are now set for a mid-season player break.

Mid-Season Break Plans

During the break, Arsenal will be traveling to Cuba for a week of warm-weather training. The players are encouraged to bring their families, and the break is seen as a chance for the team to regroup and spend time together outside of the training environment.

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