Referee criticizes media portrayal of Caso Negreira – ‘They even call us corrupt in the supermarket’

Introduction to the Article
The article discusses the ongoing scrutiny and criticism faced by Spanish referees, particularly in light of the infamous Caso Negreira. Referee Cesar Soto Grado’s response to the matter, as well as the general coverage of the issue, is highlighted. The frustrations and challenges faced by referees in Spain, particularly regarding the negative perceptions and accusations of corruption, are brought to attention.

The Impact of Caso Negreira on Referees

Cesar Soto Grado, the referee who will oversee VAR in the Spanish Super Cup final, expressed his exasperation with the media’s coverage of the Negreira case. He criticized the character of Negreira for causing significant damage to Spanish refereeing and expressed his hope for clear decisions from the court to address the situation.

Refereeing in Spain: A Contentious Topic

The article also sheds light on the longstanding contentious nature of refereeing in Spain, with Barcelona and Real Madrid often at the center of the discussion. The constant scrutiny and frustration faced by referees, particularly prior to the Negreira case, are emphasized, highlighting the challenging environment they operate in.

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