Harry Kane moves into a £30m Munich mansion previously featured in a quirky film after departing £10k-a-night hotel

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses Harry Kane’s recent move to Bayern Munich and his new £30m mansion in Munich, which is set in the “Beverly Hills of Bavaria” area. Kane, along with his family, has settled into the luxurious home after spending five months in a luxury hotel while house hunting.

Harry Kane’s £30m Mansion

Harry Kane’s new home in Munich is a £30m mansion located in the “Beverly Hills of Bavaria” area. The property overlooks the River Isar and offers stunning views, with bonus features such as a sun deck and spa.

Family Life in Munich

Joining Harry Kane in the new mansion are his wife Kate and their four children. The family has comfortably settled into the posh property, which sits on the edge of a forest and provides a scenic view over the river.

Unique Features and History of the Mansion

The mansion has a unique history, having been featured in the 2014 German romantic comedy, “Vaterfreuden” or “Joy of Fatherhood.” It has also been previously lived in by ex-Bayern stars Mehmet Scholl and Lucas Hernandez, adding to its prestigious background.

Reception by Neighbors

According to a neighbor, Renate Lindner, who spoke to the Mirror, Harry Kane is described as a “very nice man,” and his family is said to be lovely. The neighbor expressed a warm welcome to Kane and his family, making them feel at home in their new neighborhood.

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