Fans are shocked as former Prem League referee Mark Clattenburg shows off his Scottish accent in the Gladiators ring

Fans have accused former Prem League referee Mark Clattenburg of putting on a Scottish accent as he took to the Gladiators ring. The popular BBC show returned to TV screens for the first time in more than two decades with a brand new squad.

Clattenburg’s Surprise Appearance

The former Premier League, 48, refereed the Champion’s League cup final and Euro 2016 final. However, on the latest episode, Clattenburg shocked the nation after stepping in to take over from the famous Scottish voice of John Anderson. During the one-hour episode, Clattenburg said the show’s famous line: “Contestants, ready? Gladiators, ready?” After the show, fans rushed to social media to comment on the former football referee seen blowing the iconic whistle.

Reactions from Fans

Several fans took to social media to express their surprise and shock at Clattenburg’s new role on the show. Some accused him of attempting to put on a Scottish accent, while others questioned his motives for appearing on Gladiators. However, some fans were less impressed, with one indicating that Clattenburg’s presence was a reason not to watch the show.

Clattenburg’s Perspective

Before the long-waited episode, Clattenburg expressed that landing the Gladiators gig was “one of the most amazing things I will do in my life” and praised the show’s original referee, describing him as “legendary” and saying taking over the whistle “is such an honour”.

Injury on the Show

In a separate incident, a Gladiators contestant was rushed to medics after suffering an horror knee injury, as he’s left fighting back tears during a challenge on the show. The incident occurred during a challenge called the Gauntlet, leaving the contestant, Finley, in distress.

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