Saoirse Noonan Hopes Durham Can Harness Fans’ Energy as ‘Underdogs’ in FA Cup Match Against Manchester City

Introduction to the article:
Saoirse Noonan, a midfielder for Durham, shared her hopes for her team’s match against Manchester City in the Women’s FA Cup, as well as her journey in the sport and aspirations for inspiring young footballers.

Childhood Friendship and Connections in Football

Saoirse Noonan shares about her childhood friendship with Chiedozie Ogbene and their connection through football and Gaelic sports in Cork.

Facing Manchester City in the FA Cup

Noonan discusses the upcoming FA Cup match between Durham and Manchester City and her hopes for a strong performance from her team, emphasizing their independent standing as a women’s team.

Inspiration for Young Footballers

Noonan reflects on her own journey in football and her desire to inspire young footballers, especially girls, to pursue a career in the sport.

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