Live Transfer News for Manchester United: Ratcliffe Observes Spurs Draw, United Pursuing £100m Joao Neves, Midfielder Nearing Departure

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Gary Neville’s criticism of Manchester United’s decline and his commendation of Jude Bellingham for choosing to snub the club.

Neville’s Disappointment

Neville expressed his disappointment with Manchester United’s decline, particularly in light of players choosing other clubs over United. He cited examples of players who have excelled elsewhere after choosing not to join the team.

Praise for Bellingham

In particular, Neville praised Jude Bellingham for his decision to join Borussia Dortmund instead of Manchester United. He lauded Bellingham as one of the greatest players in the world and expressed his belief that the young talent made the right decision in snubbing United.

Speculation on Bellingham’s Potential at United

Neville also speculated on what might have happened to Bellingham had he chosen to join Manchester United. He expressed doubts about whether Bellingham would have been able to thrive in the current environment and culture at the club, given their recent struggles.

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