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Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Gary Neville’s criticism of Manchester United’s decline and his praise for Jude Bellingham for choosing Borussia Dortmund over Manchester United.

Gary Neville’s Disappointment

In his comments on Sky Sports, Gary Neville expressed his disappointment with the current state of Manchester United. He admitted that he had encouraged other players to join the club in the past, but looking back, he acknowledged that it may have been poor advice.

Jude Bellingham’s Choice

Neville specifically pointed out Jude Bellingham’s decision to join Borussia Dortmund over Manchester United. He congratulated the young player for his choice, stating that Bellingham is now one of the greatest players in the world and one of the greatest English talents.

Uncertainty at Manchester United

Neville questioned what would have happened to Bellingham if he had chosen to join Manchester United, given the current environment and culture at the club. He raised doubts about his potential success in the current situation.

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