Xavi Hernandez fails to resolve key issue following Barcelona’s loss to Real Madrid

Introduction to the Article:

The article discusses Barcelona’s struggle with finding a quality pivot, particularly evident in their recent loss to Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup final. The team’s midfield imbalance, caused by a lack of a top-level pivot, has been highlighted as a major issue for the club. Despite efforts to address the situation, ongoing financial problems are hindering Barcelona’s ability to sign a suitable replacement.

The Problem with Barcelona’s Pivot

Barcelona’s recent struggles on the field have been attributed to the absence of a quality pivot in their lineup. The team’s midfield has suffered, with Frenkie de Jong and Ilkay Gundogan facing challenges in deeper roles. The lack of a strong presence in the pivot position has made it easy for opponents to play through or around Barcelona’s midfield, leading to their downfall in important matches.

Financial Woes and Recruitment Challenges

The article highlights the financial difficulties faced by Barcelona, which have limited their ability to sign a top-level pivot as a replacement for the injured Sergio Busquets. Despite efforts by head coach Xavi Hernandez to address the midfield imbalance, the club’s financial constraints have prevented them from making the necessary signings. This has left Barcelona with limited options and ongoing struggles in the midfield.

The Need for a New Pivot

Looking ahead, it is emphasized that Barcelona’s midfield imbalance must be addressed in the near future. The article stresses the importance of securing a new pivot, as the current situation is unsustainable and will continue to impact the team’s performance. It is emphasized that a new pivot must be signed by the summer at the latest, in order to prevent ongoing issues in Barcelona’s midfield.

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