Technical fault interrupts Afcon broadcast on Sky Sports leading to apology and fan disappointment

Introduction to the article

Sky Sports apologizes for technical issues during Senegal’s clash with Gambia

Viewers left without sound

Viewers were left without sound during the game, which was being broadcast live from the Ivory Coast. Sky was forced to add a banner underneath their coverage to apologize for the sound problems.

Global impact

It now appears that coverage of the game has been affected around the world, with fans reporting issues on BeIn Sport and other media sites claiming a global outage on coverage.

Outage details

Reports suggest that the issue may be related to a satellite tasked with broadcasting the game, and as a result, Sky Sports Main event has stopped broadcasting the game and is instead showing Sky Sports News.

Frustrated fans

Many fans expressed frustration on social media, with some calling the coverage a disgrace and others sarcastically commenting on Sky Sports’ handling of the situation.

Game details

The game is taking place in Yamoussoukro in the Ivory Coast and features several Premier League names from past and present in action. This is a developing story, so more updates are expected to follow.

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