Revised Title: Impact of Points Deduction for Everton and Nottingham Forest on Premier League Table due to ‘FFP Rules Breach’

Introduction to the article:
The Premier League table is facing a potential overhaul as Everton and Nottingham Forest are potentially facing points deductions due to breaching the league’s Profit and Sustainability (PSR) rules.

Everton’s Potential Relegation Threat

If Everton are hit with the six-point deduction, they would be at risk of plunging into the relegation zone, impacting their point total and standing in the league.

Nottingham Forest’s Position

Nottingham Forest would also be impacted by the potential points deduction, dropping to 17th place with just two points above the relegation zone, affecting their position in the league.

Impact on Other Clubs

The potential points deductions for Everton and Nottingham Forest would have a ripple effect on other clubs, potentially boosting Luton out of the bottom three and bringing Burnley within two points of safety.

Clubs’ Response and Next Steps

Both Everton and Nottingham Forest have issued statements acknowledging the charges brought by the Premier League and have 14 days to respond. A hearing is set to be completed by April 8, allowing any punishment to be imposed before the end of the season.

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