Thierry Henry mockingly taunts Tottenham at Fifa The Best awards, earning praise from fans as ‘The King’

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Arsenal legend Thierry Henry’s playful jab at rival team Tottenham during the Best Fifa Football Awards. Henry hosted the event alongside a Spurs fan, Reshmin Chowdhury, and used the opportunity to tease the Tottenham fan base.

Thierry Henry’s Trophy Acceptance and Dig at Tottenham

Henry accepted the Best Men’s Player of the Year award on behalf of Lionel Messi and took the chance to playfully mock Tottenham, stating that he had two reasons to take the trophy – one being that he never won it, and the other being that Tottenham fans don’t usually get their hands on trophies.

Viral Response and Support from Arsenal Fans

The article goes on to mention that Henry’s comment quickly went viral, with Arsenal fans praising the former player as a legend and expressing their support for him. Some fans even shared their admiration for Henry’s loyalty to Arsenal.

Thierry Henry’s Career Achievements

The article further discusses Henry’s successful career at Arsenal and Barcelona, where he won multiple league titles and FA Cups. It also highlights his partnership with Lionel Messi and their joint success in winning LaLiga titles and the Champions League.

Overall, the article portrays Thierry Henry’s lighthearted banter at the Best Fifa Football Awards and the support he received from Arsenal fans following his playful dig at Tottenham.

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