Paris Saint-Germain’s offer for Kylian Mbappe to triple that of Real Madrid’s

Real Madrid’s pursuit of Kylian Mbappe has been a hot topic as the transfer window draws to a close. The French forward, who is set to become a free agent this summer, is being courted by both Real Madrid and his current club, Paris Saint-Germain. The uncertainty surrounding Mbappe’s future has been ongoing for several years, and as the deadline for a deal looms, both clubs are making their intentions clear. With potential offers from both sides on the table, Mbappe’s decision will have significant implications for his future.

Real Madrid’s Strategy

Real Madrid has taken a firm stance in their negotiations with Mbappe, signaling that they are not willing to go to great lengths to secure his signature. Their approach reflects a willingness to stick to their salary structure and not exceed their limits to accommodate Mbappe’s demands. Despite being keen on signing the Frenchman, Real Madrid’s stance suggests they are prepared to walk away if a deal cannot be reached on their terms.

PSG’s Offer

On the other hand, Paris Saint-Germain is not giving up on the idea of keeping Mbappe in their squad. Reports suggest that PSG is willing to offer Mbappe a lucrative contract worth around €100m per season in an attempt to persuade him to stay. The significant financial incentive from PSG raises the stakes in the battle for Mbappe’s services and adds a layer of complexity to the decision-making process.

Wage Structure and Bonuses

One key aspect of the negotiations is the difference in salary offers between the two clubs. Real Madrid is reportedly offering a deal closer to €30m per season, significantly lower than PSG’s proposed figure. However, this difference may be mitigated by Real Madrid’s potential use of bonuses to bridge the gap. Despite the financial aspects at play, the decision ultimately lies with Mbappe and his personal preferences for his future career path.

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