Sevilla taunts Getafe with Manchester United loanee Mason Greenwood after Copa del Rey win

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Sevilla secured a spot in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals after a 3-1 victory over Getafe, with Isaac Romero scoring two crucial goals. The aftermath of the game saw Sevilla taking to social media to praise Romero, using Manchester United loanee Mason Greenwood to playfully troll their current club. They also took a jab at Greenwood by using Sergio Ramos, who scored the opening goal against Getafe, adding humor to their advantage.

Sevilla Praises Isaac Romero with a Playful Dig at Manchester United

After securing their place in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals, Sevilla took to social media to shine a spotlight on Isaac Romero and his impressive performance. They utilized their loanee, Mason Greenwood, to tease his current club, Manchester United, subtly highlighting Romero’s standout performance.

Sevilla Takes a Jab at Greenwood Using Sergio Ramos

Not content with only using Mason Greenwood to troll Manchester United, Sevilla tweeted a clever post featuring Sergio Ramos, who scored the opening goal against Getafe. The post humorously implied that Ramos had emptied his back pocket after facing Greenwood, who had a quiet evening at the Coliseum.

Getafe’s Social Media Support for Greenwood Backfires

While Getafe has been actively promoting Greenwood on social media, their efforts appeared to have backfired after Sevilla used the situation to their advantage. This humorous exchange reflects the lighthearted nature of social media banter between clubs and their players.

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