Luka Modric, Real Madrid and Croatia standout, awarded €3.5 million in court case

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses Real Madrid star Luka Modric’s recent victory in a court case against the Spanish tax authorities, which resulted in the return of a significant €3.5m sum that had been demanded from him.

Luka Modric’s Victory

Luka Modric has won a court case against the Spanish tax authorities, reclaiming a €3.5m sum that had been demanded from him. Despite being accused of fraud, the 38-year-old maintained his innocence, and the judge ruled in his favor.

The Tax Dispute

The tax issue arose from Modric’s transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2012, with the tax office claiming that his residence was in Spain, while Modric argued that it was in the United Kingdom. The initial amount in question was €1.6m from his earnings at Real Madrid, with an additional €1m demanded for payments made to agents in 2013 and 2014.

Legal Battle Against the Authorities

In addition to the €2.6m that Modric was told to pay, he was also ordered to pay a €900k fine. However, the judge sided with the Croatian captain, ruling in his favor in the court case. This victory adds Modric to the list of top footballers who have had legal disputes with the Spanish tax authorities, in a trend that extends to players from both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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