Criticism for Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos over his double standards on Saudi Arabia

Introduction to this article:
The Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has found himself in the midst of controversy after being booed and whistled at during the Spanish Supercup in Saudi Arabia. His recent social media post promoting tourism in Dubai has sparked accusations of hypocrisy, prompting a closer look at the situation.

Criticism of Toni Kroos

Following his criticism of players moving to Saudi Arabia and defending the LGBTQIA+ community, Toni Kroos faced backlash from fans during the Spanish Supercup. His seemingly nonchalant response to their anger and his subsequent promotion of tourism in Dubai have raised questions about his principles and motivations.

Response to the Ad

In response to Kroos’ advertisement for ‘Visit Dubai’, many have pointed out the human rights issues present in the UAE as well. Critics have accused the midfielder of compromising his morals for financial gain, highlighting the inconsistency in his stance on human rights issues in different countries.

Real Madrid’s Involvement

While it is possible that Kroos was contractually obligated to participate in the ad campaign, some argue that he could have chosen to take a stand against it. The involvement of other players such as Vinicius Junior and Athenea del Castillo in the same campaign also raises questions about the messaging and motivations behind these promotions.

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