Sevilla gets court support in lawsuit over overweight player

Introduction to this article:
This article discusses the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s decision to uphold Sevilla’s dismissal of former player Joris Gnagnon, citing issues with his weight and physical condition.

Sevilla’s decision to sack Gnagnon

Sevilla made the decision to dismiss Joris Gnagnon, a French central defender, nearly three years ago due to concerns about his weight and physical fitness. Despite being one of the club’s most expensive signings, Gnagnon was found to be overweight, leading to his termination with two years remaining on his contract.

Legal battle and CAS ruling

Following his dismissal, Gnagnon pursued legal action against Sevilla, claiming he was owed €4.6m. However, the Court of Arbitration for Sport ultimately ruled in favor of Sevilla, upholding their decision to terminate Gnagnon’s contract. This ruling has left the 27-year-old defender’s future in question, as he looks set to continue his career with a new club.

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