Forest Green sack Troy Deeney as manager after just six games

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Troy Deeney has been sacked as head coach of League Two side Forest Green after just six matches in charge. The former Watford legend was appointed head coach on 20 December and made 18 appearances for Forest Green this season before his coaching role. However, his tenure came to an abrupt end following a string of losses and controversial comments made about his players.

Troy Deeney’s Struggles at Forest Green

Deeney’s time as manager has been marked by a series of unimpressive results, and he found himself at odds with some of his players. He criticized the team’s performance and faced disciplinary action from the FA, ultimately leading to his dismissal from the club.

Challenges Faced by Deeney

Taking on the role of a player-manager, Deeney faced significant challenges trying to balance his on-field responsibilities with his coaching duties. He also highlighted the need to address the lack of representation of black and ethnic minority managers in English football.

Forest Green’s Search for a New Manager

After sacking their second manager of the season, Forest Green is now on the hunt for a new head coach. The club has had a tumultuous season with several managerial changes and is looking to bring in fresh leadership to steer them in a new direction.

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