Real Madrid earns €175m more from academy products than Barcelona

Introduction to the Article:
This article discusses a recent study released by CIES detailing the financial success of various football club academies in terms of selling academy products over the past decade. The study reveals the top earning clubs from their academy sales, with surprising results for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Financial Success of Academy Systems

The CIES study shows that Real Madrid has earned €364m from selling 28 academy products, putting them in fourth place and significantly ahead of Barcelona, who have only earned €189m from selling the same number of players. This finding challenges the commonly held belief that Barcelona’s La Masia is more productive than Real Madrid’s La Fabrica.

The Top Earners

According to the study, Benfica leads the way with a bounty of €516m from academy sales, followed by Ajax with €376m and Olympique Lyonnais with €370m. Real Madrid’s high ranking in the top earners list highlights the financial success of their academy system.

Academy Success Beyond Profit

While the study focuses on financial success, it is important to note that the ultimate goal of an academy is not necessarily to make a profit. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona have seen academy talents contribute to their first teams, showcasing the value of their youth development programs beyond financial gains.

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