Live Transfer News: Premier League Clubs Interested in Smith Rowe, Arsenal in Pursuit of Simons, Toney Teases Potential Move

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Former Arsenal player Adrian Clarke believes that current midfielder Emile Smith Rowe could provide much-needed goal threat for the team, given their struggles in finding the back of the net in recent matches. Clarke suggests that Smith Rowe has the potential to play in various attacking positions, including as a conventional striker, to help address Mikel Arteta’s problems in the team’s attack.

Smith Rowe’s Versatility and Goal-Scoring Ability

Adrian Clarke, who played for Arsenal between 1993 and 1997, sees Emile Smith Rowe’s ability to play as a left-side number eight as his best position. However, Clarke also believes that Smith Rowe is versatile enough to cover any of the front five spots in the team, including the wing and even as a withdrawn number nine. Clarke highlights Smith Rowe’s finishing ability as one of his best qualities, suggesting that it could be one of the best in the squad.

Potential Impact on Arsenal’s Attack

Clarke’s assessment of Smith Rowe’s potential to play in various attacking positions offers Mikel Arteta’s struggling side a potential solution to their goal-scoring woes. By utilizing Smith Rowe’s finishing ability and versatility, Arsenal could potentially find a much-needed source of goals and creativity in their attack. Clarke’s insight into Smith Rowe’s capabilities could prompt Arteta to consider deploying the midfielder in a more advanced role to maximize his impact on the team’s attacking play.

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