Former Manchester City player confesses to the presence of numerous disgruntled players in the unprofessional Saudi Arabian league

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses former Manchester City and Athletic Club centre-back Aymeric Laporte’s admission that several players in the Saudi Pro League are unhappy with the lack of professionalism, including himself and Jordan Henderson. Laporte shares his experiences and frustrations with the league, shedding light on the challenges faced by European players in Saudi Arabia.

Laporte’s Frustrations

Laporte reveals that he, along with many other players, is dissatisfied with the conditions in Saudi Arabia, citing difficulties in adapting to the new environment and the lack of professionalism in everyday life.

Comparison to European Football

In comparing the treatment and care received in the Saudi Pro League to that of European football, Laporte expresses dissatisfaction with the level of support and care given to players, suggesting that the pay packets do not make up for the lack of overall quality in the league.

Future Plans

Despite his current frustrations, Laporte has not yet decided to leave the league, but he hints that if things do not improve, he may consider his options in the future. He also discusses the lack of communication on potential moves to well-known clubs such as Barcelona, Athletic Club, and Real Madrid.


The article delves into the potential implications for the image of Saudi football if top stars decide to leave the league due to incompetence, highlighting the potential of damaging their standing in the world of entertainment and sport.

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