Real Madrid Manager Carlo Ancelotti Optimistic About Major Boost in the Coming Weeks

Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, has expressed his determination to use the two-week break before the return of the Champions League to put his players through intense training sessions. With the team recently being knocked out of the Copa del Rey, Ancelotti sees this as a valuable opportunity to work on the training ground and address any areas that need improvement.

Ancelotti’s Plan for Intensive Training

Ancelotti indicated that the rare midweek break from games will allow the team to focus on training and make the most of the time available. With no games to prepare for, the team can invest in developing their skills and strategies, which Ancelotti views as a positive opportunity for the team’s progress.

Handling Criticism and Player Motivation

The manager also addressed the ongoing goalkeeper debate at Real Madrid and defended player Aurelien Tchouameni against criticism he received following a disappointing effort during a recent match. Ancelotti emphasized the team’s motivation and positive dynamic, indicating that they are determined to continue in a good state and that the players are all in good condition, aside from those who are injured.

Challenges of Managing During the Season

Ancelotti’s comments shed light on the challenges that coaches face during the season, with limited time for training and improvement due to the packed game schedules. The manager stressed the importance of making the most of the current two-week break, recognizing it as a rare opportunity to focus on the team’s development and address any areas of weakness.

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