Hayes praises Lauren James for standout performance as she nets hat-trick in Chelsea’s victory over Manchester United at Stamford Bridge

The article discusses Lauren James’ fantastic performance for Chelsea against Manchester United and analyzes the impact she has had on the game.

Emma Hayes praises Lauren James’ groundbreaking performance

Chelsea manager Emma Hayes had high praise for Lauren James’ performance against Manchester United, as she admitted to never having seen a player like her before.

Fearless forward wows with attacking flair

Lauren James displayed immense attacking flair as she scored a hat-trick against Manchester United, enticing cheers from the crowd at Stamford Bridge.

Unbeaten run against rival maintained

Chelsea’s victory maintained their unbeaten run against Manchester United in the Women’s Super League, securing their seventh win in just eight meetings.

Sky’s the limit for Lauren James

James has now scored 10 league goals in 10 games this season, showcasing her incredible performance as a forward for Chelsea.

Manchester United denied penalty claim

Manchester United manager Skinner felt that the team should have been awarded a penalty following a controversial call where their player, Leah Galton, was brought down in the box.

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