Morocco Star Chases Opponent and Brawl Erupts in Tunnel at Africa Cup of Nations, Followed by Racial Abuse Against Player

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses a heated clash between Congo and Morocco at the Africa Cup of Nations, which led to a brawl on the field. The incident began when a confrontation between Chancel Mbemba and Morocco’s manager Walid Regragui escalated after the match. This altercation sparked racial abuse towards Mbemba on social media, and both parties have given their versions of the events.

The Initial Confrontation

The match between Congo and Morocco ended with a heated brawl between the players from both teams. The incident began when Mbemba and Regragui collided following an exchange at the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Fallout

After the match, Mbemba was racially abused on Instagram, receiving hateful comments and emojis. The Congo captain, however, chose not to address the full version of events, but instead praised Regragui as a “great man”.

Regragui’s Response

Regragui, offering his version of events, mentioned that Mbemba spoke badly to him and his assistant on the sidelines before the end of the game. He expressed a willingness to have any additional footage or evidence brought forward to prove his side of the story.

Overall, the article highlights the aftermath of the contentious match between Congo and Morocco and the racial abuse that followed on social media. Both parties involved have shared their perspectives on the incident, shedding light on the heated exchange that took place.

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