Woman asserting to be Pele’s offspring requests exhumation of Brazil soccer icon’s body over a year after his passing for DNA test

Introduction to the Article:
This article discusses the demand from a woman who claims to be football legend Pele’s secret daughter for his body to be dug up for a paternity test. The woman, Maria do Socorro Azevedo, instructed a lawyer to make the move nearly five years ago after launching her paternity lawsuit. Pele, who died in December 2022, recognized the possibility he could have had another child in his will. The article delves into the ongoing legal battle and the implications for Pele’s estate if the woman is recognized as his eighth child.

The Claim and Legal Battle

Maria do Socorro Azevedo has been claiming to be Pele’s secret daughter and has instructed a lawyer to demand the exhumation of his body for a paternity test. Despite initial negative DNA test results, her lawyer has stated that there are high possibilities of a blood link between her and the football legend.

Maria’s Public Statements

Maria do Socorro Azevedo has spoken publicly about her claims on a Brazilian TV program and has emphasized that she is not interested in Pele’s money. She has stated that she only decided to do a DNA test in 2019, while working as a maid in Sao Paulo, to prove her lineage to Pele.

Implications for Pele’s Estate

If Maria do Socorro Azevedo is recognized as Pele’s eighth child, she would be entitled to a share of his £78million estate. However, a lawyer acting for Pele’s family has stated that the family would contest any exhumation demand based on the previous DNA test results. The legal battle over this paternity claim could have significant implications for how Pele’s estate is distributed.

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