Former Manchester United Star Wes Brown Smiles as Tailor Makes Joke about His Bankruptcy and ‘Washed Up’ Status

Introduction to the article
The article discusses how former Manchester United legend Wes Brown was mocked by a tailor as he went to buy a suit, shedding light on his current financial situation and the comments made by the tailor during Brown’s visit to the tailor’s shop in Hong Kong.

Wes Brown’s Visit to the Tailor

During his visit, Brown was introduced by shop owner Roshan Melwani, known for his online presence, and was seen wearing a tattered blue suit that appeared to be missing an arm. Melwani proceeded to mock Brown’s financial status, making comments about ex-footballers being “washed up” and unable to afford a proper suit.

Public Reaction to the Video

The video of Brown’s visit to the tailor drew mixed reactions from fans and viewers. Some expressed confusion and surprise at the tailor’s behavior, while others found the interaction humorous and entertaining. Despite the criticism, Melwani responded to comments by stating that his actions were simply part of the service.

Wes Brown’s Financial Situation

The article also delves into Brown’s financial struggles, highlighting his bankruptcy and substantial debt to the taxman and a car company. It is reported that Brown lost millions in failed property ventures and was faced with a six-figure debt. His past earnings of £50,000-a-week during his time at Manchester United are contrasted with his current financial situation, which has led him to live in a “modest pad” owned by fellow footballer Marcus Rashford.

By analyzing the article, we gain insight into Wes Brown’s current circumstances, the public’s reaction to the tailor’s comments, and the challenges he has faced since his time as a professional footballer.

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