Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid Manager, Expresses Frustration with VAR Controversy – ‘They’re Treating Us Like Fools’

Introduction to the article:
Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has expressed his frustration with the ongoing discussion surrounding the VAR scandal, following Real Madrid’s controversial win over Almeria.

Simeone’s Critique of VAR Scandal

Diego Simeone has criticized the VAR scandal that unfolded during Real Madrid’s match against Almeria. The audio from the VAR room revealed that the referee was not shown all the angles, and the Referees Committee admitted that two of the three interventions were incorrect. Simeone expressed his displeasure at the focus being on the leaks rather than the content of the audio.

Simeone’s Thoughts on Officiating

Simeone also commented on officiating in general, noting that natural flow is essential for the game. He acknowledged that everyone can make mistakes but emphasized the need for natural, flowing gameplay. He expressed sympathy for the referees, recognizing the pressure they face and the complexity of their role.

Atletico Madrid’s Outlook and Concerns

Despite the VAR controversy, Simeone remains positive about his team, stating that Atletico Madrid is growing. He praised the efforts of specific players, such as Morata, but cautioned that the upcoming match against Sevilla would be a tough test. Simeone highlighted the danger posed by Sevilla, especially with the experience of Quique Sanchez Flores, and provided an update on the fitness of Antoine Griezmann and Mario Hermoso.

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