Athletic Club edges closer to Copa del Rey semi-finals after seizing extra time advantage over Barcelona

Introduction to this article:
The article discusses the Copa del Rey quarter-final clash between Barcelona and Athletic Club, which saw Athletic take the lead in extra time with a goal from Inaki Williams.

Barcelona Falters in Extra Time

Barcelona were unable to maintain their lead in extra time, with Athletic Club ultimately taking the lead with a goal from Inaki Williams. The Catalans had fought back to take the lead in the first half of extra time, but Athletic Club’s resilience saw them come out ahead.

Athletic Club’s Dream Start

Athletic Club got off to a dream start in the extra time period, taking an early lead with a goal from Gorka Guruzeta just 36 seconds into the extra 30-minute period. This set the stage for a dramatic turnaround in the match.

Barcelona’s Struggle

Despite initially taking the lead in extra time, Barcelona struggled to maintain their advantage, ultimately falling behind to Athletic Club. The team now faces a difficult challenge in order to stay in the Copa del Rey competition.

Athletic Club’s Chance at Semifinals

With their current lead, Athletic Club is now on the verge of securing a fifth successive Copa del Rey semifinal appearance. Their strong performance in extra time has put them in a favorable position to advance in the competition.

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